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Edusquare Talent Search Exam has been designed to test every student’s individual aptitude and prepare them according to their qualitative & exam psychology feedback for achieving their goals. Top performers can avail great rewards like scholarships and prizes.

ETSE qualification is necessary for admission to various courses at Edusquare and it also offers attractive scholarships that can only be availed by top performers.

Absolutely not! Edusquare have taken special care to put a special focus on board exams along with preparation for the prestigious competitive exams. Students are encouraged and helped with their Board doubts and problems as well.

No, as ETSE is an offline exam that will have to be taken at one of the centres for the test.

The syllabus for ETSE varies for different courses and can be found on our website. The syllabus is heavily focused on NCERT and thinking skills.

No, it is not possible to get direct admissions at Edusquare and students seeking admissions have to qualify through our entrance exam, ETSE.

You can register for ETSE on our website online or can apply offline by visiting one of the offline centres of Edusquare.

The results of ETSE will be declared a few days after the examination on the website and students will be notified via email and messages.

  • Yes, sample papers for ETSE are available on the official website and can be downloaded from there free-of-cost.

The paper will be of total 90 questions. 30 questions from Physics/Chemistry/Biology, 30 questions from Mathematics and 30 to test your Mental ability will be included. Each correct response will be rewarded with 4 marks, and 1 mark will be deducted for an incorrect response. The paper’s duration will be of 90 minutes.

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