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Working towards a common dream takes a lot more than anticipated for.. when the goals are the same .. the path to be followed is same .. then the Coming together of some brilliant minds makes the journey a lot more worthwhile and easy .. That is what inspired the birth of EduSquare. EduSquare is a Team of the best educationists of the city to follow a path towards a combined vision .. Vision to see Ludhiana in bold letters on the Education map of India .. Aryabhatta Tutorials a well established name in the +1 and +2 Competition preparation Arena and the most well established names in Education such as Mr.Ashwani Kumar ( Physics) , Dr. Rajindar Kapoor (Biology), Dr. Ravinder Kaur Bhatia (Chemistry) , have joined hands to work under one common roof i.e. EduSquare. Team EduSquare is not merely about working together, its about learning together, complementing and completing each other. living each moment towards bringing a positive change in the society . . We are also bringing First time ever availability of English classes under the same roof. Focussed and determined to change the picture of Education in Ludhiana

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